3 Best Tents for One-Person Camping

Easiest Tent To Set Up

As a follower of Bear Grylls, you may be wondering, What is the easiest tent to set up? It is a pop-up tent, of course.

easiest tent to set up

1. When you get to your campsite, or the wilderness, you want to start cooking, start fishing or start relaxing. You want a tent that goes up easy, like this one-touch set up tent.

Today we will look at some different kinds of pop-up tents, and the pros and cons of each.

Easiest Tent To Set Up - Genji Pop up tent

2. Pop-up tents are made with flexible plastic rods to hold them up. You don’t have to use metal rods, wires, and stakes in order to set up your camping tent. With a pop-up tent, all you do is unpack it from its plastic container, flip it and, presto, it makes itself into a tent!

When you go camping, it is essential to have the right camping gear for your trip. A pop-up tent can make a good camping trip into a great one, because it is so easy to set up.

A pop-up tent may be the easiest tent to set up, but it is not the best choice for every kind of camping trip. If you’re hiking in rugged terrain, or expecting unfavorable weather conditions, a pop-up tent is probably not the best choice.

Backyard Camping Is Fun

3. But the ultimate is this Instant Set Up Camping Tent by MoonNest Tents!

  • One step instant camping tent, setup in 2 seconds, folds down in 5 seconds, unique automatic pole system, and one piece design.
  • Inner tent and double layers tent structure assure the tent stands in windy and rainy conditions.
  • One large D-shape 3 layers door, 2 mesh panels on inner tent are connected to 2 outside waterproof ventilation holes, allowing fresh air to circulate in to the tent.
If you are camping in the backyard, and just doing some light camping for fun, the pop-up tent is the easiest to set up and it will serve your purposes quite well. It is easy to store and carry also. It comes in its own plastic polyethylene container, usually a circular nylon pouch with a zipper.


It is endlessy fascinating watching Bear face his challenges in the wild. Based on that, I think the easiest tent to set up is the Instant Setup One Piece Camping Tent.

This tent can be set up in two seconds flat and taken down in five. It only weighs about four pounds, and comes with a shoulder bag for easy carrying. Read reviews by actual users at Amazon.com.

This kind of tent is great for family camping because it is so easy to set up. You don’t want to use this in high wind situations, however. Safety must be your first concern when camping with the family

Pros and Cons of Pop-Up Tents

Some advantages of the quick set up tents are that they can be stored easily in a small space. Because they’re not as sturdy, they don’t cost as much as stronger tents. The best part is, they are so easy to set up and take down, leaving more time to enjoy the campsite.

The main disadvantage is that they would not be good for inclement weather, including storms, wind or rain. But for backyard camping, they’re the best.

You can read more about the Genji pop-up tent, including reviews by customers at Amazon.com. Amazon usually has the best prices and shipping options around. So get the easiest tent to set up, along with some cool camping gear, for your next camping trip. Have it delivered to your door by Amazon.

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