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Ten Cheap Vacations Ideas for Families

Ten Cheap Vacations Ideas for Your Family to Try

Are you looking for something fun to do with your family? Vacations are great, but sometimes they can be expensive. Some of these vacation ideas include camping and some don’t. There are a lot of family vacations you can take, while not busting the budget.

You can have a great time with your family and build memories to last a lifetime. Here are 10 ideas for cheap family vacations that your family will really enjoy. Some of these are in other countries even, but many of them are closer to home. A lot of them include camping vacations for families. Try one.

1. Camping in a State Park

You can go camping with your family in a national park or state park for a week for easily under $1000. That will include all of your camping gear, food, driving costs and campground fees. You can enjoy cooking out with your family, looking up at the stars at night, hiking, maybe fishing, and have a great time close to home on a budget. When you go camping, you’ll want to take some cool camping gear.

2. Go on a Cruise

Did you know that you can take a family cruise for less than $1000? Carnival Cruise Lines provides family vacation deals for as low as $800. You could cruise for a week in the Bahamas with your family, or if you want, you can make it a romantic getaway or second honeymoon. You can see some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world this way. And eat some of the best food, too.

3. Disney World

You want to go to Disney World but you think it’s too expensive, right? Actually, Disney World or Disneyland have created some family value packages that will allow you and your children to visit one of the Disney Parks during the off-season for much less than $1000. Your daughters can get their pictures taken with princesses and your whole family will have the vacation of a lifetime.

4. Igloo Camping

If you live near Canada, you may want to try this. You can visit the province of Ontario and actually have a family vacation in an igloo. You don’t need to pack a parka, either, because these igloo’s have all the latest technology and features to keep your family warm and comfortable while you’re staying there. Some families have said this was the funnest vacation they have ever taken. To help you pack, refer to this must-have camping checklist.

5. Hot Springs, AR

Another great destination vacation is to Hot Springs, Arkansas. There you can bathe and luxuriate in the natural hot water which comes from underground springs. People used to go there for health and medicinal purposes. Hot Springs is historic, quaint, and lovely. It offers great shopping, sightseeing and two lakes.

6. See the USA

How about traveling across the United States, or some part of it? Your family could get greyhound bus passes which allow you to get on and off Greyhound buses for a certain period of time. You could visit several cities or even several states during a week’s vacation. You can stay at inexpensive lodging along the way or you could even camp out. There’s a lot to see in the USA, and by bus is a great way to see it. Another good option would be by Amtrak train. You have more room, can meet other people, walk around, and even the driver (of your family) can sleep or read.

7. Gulf Coast

Maybe you would like to go fishing. You could visit the Gulf Coast, anywhere from Texas to Florida, and have the time of your life. You can go out in a group fishing boat, or charter a deep-sea fishing expedition. You and your kids can splash in the waves, body surf, or even parasail high above the water. Enjoy great seafood, pleasant weather, and lots of fun water activities.

8. Boston, MA

If you want to see some American history, you and your family can travel to Boston. If you’re able to camp outside or in a KOA campground, that will lessen your expenses. You can see many of the landmarks of the founding of America as you walk the Freedom Trail. Your family can have fun, build memories, and learn about some of the historic landmarks of American history.

9. The Carribean

You can even take a vacation to the Caribbean. There are inexpensive travel packages to the Dominican Republic, for example, where you can stay at great resorts for good prices. The cost of living there is also very cheap. Did I mention that the Dominican Republic beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world?

10. Cancun, Mexico

If you would like to visit another beach, you can go to beautiful Cancun. You can get a flight and three days and nights in a Cancun resort and spa for around $700. The prices there, for everything, are relatively inexpensive, you can enjoy good food, and some of the most beautiful, relaxing beaches in the world.

There are very many options for cheap vacations for families. Try one of these suggestions, or create one of your own. Have fun, be creative, and make some great family memories.

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