Top 5 Tips for Family Camping Fun

Five Great Ideas for Family Camping Fun

Camping is already fun. Getting away from everything, cooking over an open fire, and taking some time to relax. But, there are some ways to make your camping trip even more fun, some unusual ideas that you may not have tried yet.

Here are five camping ideas to add fun, and maybe even a little zaniness, to your family camping trips.

1. Campfires That Sparkle and Turn Colors

The first thing you need to do for fun at your camp out is make your campfire extra special. First, build your campfire in the evening after you’ve set up your tent and everything. Now that it’s dark and your campfire is going good, you can add some sparkle to your fire. Common, everyday coffee creamer that you buy at the store will sparkle and add color to your campfire. Just pour out maybe a half of a cup full of coffee creamer in a bowl and toss it onto your fire. Enjoy the show. You can do this more than once.

2. Campfire Omelets

Next morning, you can experiment with making omelets for everyone, using plastic Ziploc bags. All you do is, mix up your ingredients in a large bowl, add your stirred eggs, mushrooms, onions, and/or cheese. Whatever you want in your omelet. Then put a large pot of water over your fire or stove and heat it up to boiling. When it is ready, pour the contents of your bowl into a large Ziploc bag. Close the top of the bag securely and put it in the boiling water. Your omelet will be cooked in about 3 to 4 minutes. Then you can open the bag at the top or even cut it open, pour your omelet onto a plate, and enjoy a perfectly cooked, delicious hot omelet by your camp fire.

3. Anthill Artwork

I know that was fun, but the fun is just beginning. Next is a little idea of something you can do once you’ve had your morning coffee and breakfast. Scout around your camping area for a large ant hill. (Maybe follow a trail of ants.) Find one? Now it’s time to make some art work. To do this, you will need to get some lead weights from an auto repair shop before you leave on your camping trip. They will be glad to give you old tire balance weights, and you take them with you in a plastic bucket. Now you melt those lead weights, about 4 cups worth, in an old cooking pot over your fire.

Now you have hot molten lead, and a newly found anthill. You have all the ingredients you need to make your anthill artwork. Take your pot of molten lead and pour it in the hole at the top of the ant hill. Pour it in carefully, pouring as much as you are able to get in the hole before it starts getting solidified.

Now go back to your campsite and read, play Frisbee, or talk with your friends for about 30 minutes. Now it’s time to go uncover your artwork. Go back to your ant hill with a few sticks or a shovel if you brought one and carefully dig up your artwork. This takes some time and patience, so take your time at it. You might want to take some music like a boombox or an iPod with you to enjoy some music or inspirational messages while you dig up your anthill artwork.

From your artwork may be two or three feet across and three or four feet deep; it just depends on your ant hill. If you like it, you can take it home for display. If not, you can remelt the lead and try again. Now that you have a little experience, it might work even better.

4. Games and Riddles Camping Style

If you have children with you, you may delight them by suggesting a game of hide and seek. With all the trees, tents, and wandering paths, they will be excited to play a game or two or three of Hide and Seek.

One slight twist on this idea is that after you’ve played Hide and Seek is, you can hide Easter eggs. Kids love Easter egg hunts, and where is it written that you can only do this at Easter time? The parents can hide the eggs for the kids all around the camp area, and then let the kids find them. Then, let the kids hide the eggs while the parents close their eyes, and let the parents go find the eggs that the kids hid. Kids love this. You might want to take plastic bags, if not Easter egg baskets, for this hunt.

You can also take a book of “Knock, Knock” jokes for younger kids to tell. Or, a book such as “Card Games For Smart Kids” for your older kids. If you like Sudoku, take a book of Sudoku or crossword puzzles or word find puzzles. You can also take fun table games like Yahtzee, Boggle, or Pictionary. You might want to take a folding card table with you if you want to play these types of card games or table games.

5. Make a Natural-Objects Rainbow

Using leaves, sticks, wild flowers, scraps of paper or plastic, feathers, your camping stuff, and anything else you can find, create a rainbow on the ground. Try to cover all the colors of the rainbow, in the correct order, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Make it as large as you can, take a picture of it and of your family with the rainbow. Don’t harm the nearby nature to make your rainbow, such as breaking off twigs or pulling off bark.

These are just a few unique and fun ideas you might try on your next family camping trip. Have fun, make up your own games, and enjoy the time as you get closer to nature and build great memories with your family.